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What is inlang?


Inlang is an open source localization (translation) solution for mobile and web apps with developer experience (DX) in mind. With inlang you get collaboration with automatic sync, type safety and machine translations in one tight package.

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  • Early Alpha: We are testing the solution and need your feedback.
  • Beta: Stable enough for small(er) apps and projects.
  • Release: Production ready.

Supported Languages

  • TypeScript using typesafe-i18n
  • Dart / Flutter
  • Swift / iOS
  • Kotlin / Android


  • Typesafety (no more missing translations/keys)
  • Collaboration via the dashboard
  • Sync between dashboard and source code
  • Variables / Interpolation
  • OTA (Over the air updates without releasing a new version)
  • Pluralization

Are you missing a feature? Head over to discussion to request a new feature.

Getting started

Link to documentation

Community & Support


Step 1 - Create keys directly in VSCode

Keys are automatically sent to the dashboard, machine translated into all languages and synced with your source code. Bonus on top: typesafety (no more missing translations/none existent keys). Create keys directly in VSCode which are automatically sent to the dashboard and injected into the code

Step 2 - Manage translations in the dashboard

Collaborators, or you yourself, can seamlessly edit translations in the dashboard. During development the translations are automatically synced with the source code. Editing and syncing translations from the dashboard to source code